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Soldered Glass Jewelry and Other Necessary Items





Limited Edition.

Custom Made
For You.
   Wine Bangles.
   Glass Baubles.
   Inspirational Words.
   Photo Charms.


Beautifully handcrafted keepsake ornaments, gifts and necklaces are perfect for family, friends, the new baby,  grandparents, or to keep for your own.  Everyone loves a gift that was designed by you, and we love to make them!

Special orders take a week to 10 days to process. During the "Christmas rush" it could be a bit longer. Please order early! Bookmark this page now so you can come back to it quickly and place your order!

Below are several options for you to choose from. After placing your order, you will need to submit a photo and/or information to us either by mail or by e-mail. If you mail photos, announcements, or any other documents, we will return them with your completed order.  You might want to consider a good color copy of your document just in case it is damaged in the mail. If you e-mail your information, include the document as an attachment scanned at 300dpi and saved as a jpg.

We can then discuss the details of your order via e-mail. We will do our best to create what you need, however, there are no guarantees that it will be exactly what you were thinking - what we do guarantee, however, that we will try our best to make it the way you want it, and so far we have done that for everyone who has ordered an ornament, wine bangle, or necklace.

click on an image for more information:

wine bangle ornament Glass Bubble Inspirational Words Photo Charm

Remember - absolutely no copyrighted material (this usually includes professional photographs). Don't rely on us to know if it's copyrighted, we trust you. Not that anyone would do this, but we also won't work with nasty or disgusting anything (words, pictures, etc). It burns our retinas. Thanks for understanding.

Return Policy: We are not able to accept returns for custom orders. We are also not responsible for any data you, the customer enters incorrectly on webpage text fields or order forms of any kind. (This includes incorrect dates, misspellings, or any other custom information.) If we make a change to what you have ordered and it is incorrect, we will happily re-do the order and ship it to you as soon as possible.

Two Dog Warning:  while imitation is considered a form of flattery, we ask that you not steal our ideas. In dog words "you can sniff it, lick it, bark at it, but don't run off with it or we'll growl, then bark, then bite. Thank you. woof.

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